Enrollment Process…

Step 1: Complete participant enrollment form.

Step 2: Have medical form completed by physician and current TB test.

Step 3: Call to schedule appointment interview at 336-249-2155.

After the forms are completed by the family and physician, the person responsible for the care of the participant should call to arrange an appointment time with the Health Care Coordinator and the Program Coordinator to visit The Life Center to complete the enrollment process.

The enrollment process is designed to give the applicant, his or
her family and The Life Center each the opportunity to determine if The Life Center is the most appropriate service for the applicant.

It is also designed to acquaint the applicant with TLC facility. Therefore, the applicant should accompany the family to The Life Center for this visit. The family should allow about 90 minutes for the process/interview.

At enrollment, a $10.00 application fee and any other applicable fees may be due.

Is The Life Center right for my loved one?

The Life Center will strive to serve all participants, all decisions regarding acceptance into the program are determined on an individual basis. The following are individuals who are happiest in an adult day health setting. However, if you have questions about a specific health care need or our ability to meet that need, please contact our Health Care Coordinator. The Life Center is for someone who is:


  • Able to benefit from a therapeutic activity program
  • Able to benefit from the companionship of others
  • Able to transfer from a wheelchair to a chair with minimal assistance
  • Able to adapt to the group setting both physically and mentally
  • Able to feed him/herself independently or with queuing
  • Able to benefit from bowel/bladder retraining
  • Not disruptive or is not verbally or physically harmful to others

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