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Caregiver stress is an often unrecognized issue in the care of older and disabled adults. Family members must navigate the full time care of their loved one’s mental, emotional and physical care while at the same time balancing their own family, work and personal life. The task can seem overwhelming. Evidence shows that most caregivers are ill-prepared for their role and provide care with little or no support, yet more than one-third of caregivers continue to provide intense care to others while suffering from poor health themselves. This stress leads to a decrease in quality care for the loved one and negatively impacts the quality of life for the caregiver and other family members.

Being a caregiver, while rewarding, is also an isolating endeavor. This isolation can lead to a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. The new website has been designed to alleviate stress for caregivers in the Davidson County community by offering links to helpful resources, a calendar of caregiver activities and events, and a caregiver message board. The caregiver message board is an online resource for caregivers to connect with one another by sharing their common experiences and concerns. Caregivers can use the message board to share insights on issues they may face as a caregiver or offer advice, support and encouragement to other caregivers in the community.

Caregiver support is a vital part of the care plan for any older or disabled adult. Through the utilization of our new website, our intent is to provide a toolbox of support resources for the caregivers in our community. This site will allow 24/7 access to all caregiving resources in Davidson County. It will function as an interactive peer support bulletin board where caregivers can connect, share and discuss their issues. This provides a point of contact with others who are involved in the caregiving process. Our hope is that this resource will decrease caregiver stress by providing education, information and a larger social system of support. All caregivers are encouraged to visit the new website and explore the different tools and resources that can help alleviate caregiver stress.

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